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  • The fastest way to improve your game!
  • Keeps you honest and motivated!

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Killermatch 2 is in beta!

Killermatch 2 is currently in beta testing. The app will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store soon. If want to participate in the beta testing, please fill in the form above. The web version is available for testing at (Use the Chrome or Safari browser).

As soon as the beta for Killermatch 2 is complete, the old Killermatch app for Android will be deprecated. In the meantime, the old Killermatch website supporting Killermatch 1 is available at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I download Killermatch 2 from App Store or Play Store now?

Not yet unfortunately. Killermatch is currently in testing and only registered testers will be able to download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you want to become a tester, please register your name and email in the form above and follow the instructions we send you.

Be aware: There is a Killermatch app in the Google Play Store which can be downloaded now. This is the old version (Killermatch "1") that will be discontinued shortly.

How much will it cost / pricing information?

Pricing has not been finalized, but there will be at least a basic free version and a premium version.

Why isn't Internet Explorer, Spartan or Firefox supported?

Killermatch supports offline operation, meaning you can use the mobile apps even when your device is offline (which happens a lot inside squash courts inside big buildings..). Offline operations require local storage. Local storage support in browsers varies a lot and is not yet properly standardized and supported. For now, Killermatch support the kind of local storage that works great with Chrome, Safari or Opera (it's called WebSQL). We plan to support all browsers (IE, Spartan, Firefox) eventually when there is a standard that actually works and is widely supported.